50 by 50 Web Series

I’m going on an adventure, and I want to share it with the world! I’ve given myself 6 years to accomplish a goal I’ve always had, but I’ve put a fun twist on it… I’ll be visiting all 50 of the United States before I turn age 50. Here’s the twist… In each state I will visit someone and COOK in their home, AND I’ll be filming the whole experience to share it with the world on the Internet!

This challenge is quite the feat, but the plan is to start in my home state of Florida, and by June 2028 I’ll be ready to celebrate my 50th birthday in Hawaii! I don’t know if I have a contact in every single state, so I’ll need some help from friends I haven’t met yet. You can look at the map and see if your state is green. If it is, I have confirmed plans in your state, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still make a stop to see you while I’m there if it’s along the way. Yellow means I have a contact in the state, but I have not yet confirmed the destination. Gray means I have not made contact with anyone yet, or I don’t have a contact in that state. Those will be the ones I need your help with most!

There are several mini-goals that are part of the whole experience as well. I want to try out recipes that are local to the state I’m in as much as possible to share some of that state’s heritage along the way. Secondly, I want to see local sights to really share the experience with those that may never visit the places I’ll be visiting. Third,¬†whenever I can,¬†I want to support local businesses while I’m travelling.

I am open to sponsorships in exchange for features in my web series be it a place that invites me to visit or a food supplier willing to supply ingredients… airlines, cookware makers, hotels, restaurants, farms, etc. are all welcome to make contact so we can work together. I’d love to trade help for a feature! Just know, if you invite me to crash on your couch, I might take you up on that, so be prepared. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

If you or your related business are interested in taking part in the success of my mission, please reach out to me by e-mail at 50by50@chefdavepalmer.com