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Discounts reflect a minimum discount offered, but sometimes it’s more depending on current promotions.

Food, Beverages, and Kitchen Gear:

Misfits Market: Organic Produce Deliveries $10 off

Naked Wines: Alcohol Deliveries (21 & up) $100 off

Nakano Knives (Use code CHEFDAVE for 10% OFF)

Javy: 30X Concentrated Coffee

Jo Chef Culinary Torch

Heritage Steel Cookware

USA Pan Bakeware
Specific pans are linked below for the ones you’ll see me use most often.
Loaf Pans
Pullman Loaf Pans
Popover Pans
Burger Bun Pans

Personal Products and Accessories:

Amberjack Footwear

Liingo Eyewear: Online Glasses and Sunglasses (as worn by Dave) $20 off

Byte Orthodontic Aligners
75% off impression kit and $100 off aligners

Harry’s: Men’s Shaving Razors and Hair Products

Lume: Aluminum Free Deodorant


Chef Dave Palmer @chefdavepalmer

Benevolent Bakers @thebenevolentbakers

Palmer Organics @palmerorganics

Heather Johnson (wife) @heatherpjcrochets


Chef Dave Palmer


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