Here’s a quick and tasty idea that’s way better than a chewy, microwaved, frozen pocket of lava hot grease. I fed myself and 3 hungry kids in less than 15 minutes! 

Assemble the Pizzadillas by placing the sauce, cheese, Italian herbs, and pepperoni slices on one half of the tortillas and fold them in half. (TIP: It can be helpful to place cheese on in two layers… one beneath the pepperoni and one on top of the pepperoni so it melts itself closed.) Cook them in an un-greased, nonstick pan on one click below medium heat. Toast on both sides until light golden brown and all the cheese is melted. 

Serve ’em up hot!

The beauty of Pizzadillas is that your imagination is the limit. Try fully cooked sausage, spinach, sauteed mushrooms, peppers, fully cooked steak… just don’t overload them or they will ooze out all over the place. They cook pretty quickly, so don’t expect any meats to reach a safe internal temperature… they will not!

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