Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Dogs

Let’s take hot dogs to the next level in 10 minutes or less!


Hot Dogs (of your choice)

Hot Dog Buns, Whole Wheat

Yellow Mustard

Spinach, Fresh

Gouda, Shredded

Peppers, Sweet Red

Set your oven to Convection Broil at 450 F. Cook the hot dogs of your choice (I used lean beef) on the stove top in an oven safe pan. On a plate, add a small amount of yellow mustard to the inside of your bun(s) and fill with fresh spinach. Add cooked hot dogs, top with cheese and sliced sweet red peppers. Place the assembled hot dogs back in the pan you just used and transfer to the broiler. Set the timer for 2 mins. Remove and serve immediately. Quick, easy, and definitely next level flavor… Enjoy!

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