Chef Dave Palmer learned of his love for cooking and creating in the kitchen much later in life than most. When he moved off to college (1999), an interest sparked within him that started a burning desire to create and share his creations. He learned that food is his love language when he found himself enjoying cooking for friends in college on a regular basis. Nicknamed “Chef BoyarDave”, word traveled fast, and his friends started making requests for favorite dishes and saying things like, “You cook better than our moms!”

Eating together brings people together in so many ways, so in 2012 Dave brought his skills to his small community opening a restaurant in Paxton, FL. It quickly became the hangout for young people and the favorite restaurant of many for freshly prepared, high quality food that stood out from the rest. Unfortunately, in 2019 a landlord problem turned into a non-renewal of the lease, and a lack of local real estate resulted in the permanent closure of Florida Farmers Market / Dave’s Café & Gifts. Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, and home is where he stayed cooking most meals for his wife and children while home schooling became a way of life. This gave Dave time to start writing his recipes down to share his cooking with the world in a different way… in YOUR kitchen! Welcome to the journey!