A Dream Come True!

It’s a dream come true! I’m building a permanent creative space for myself, and it will include a kitchen studio! I’m so excited to start creating in a space that’s not the home I live in allowing me to leave most things like lights and cameras set up to be used more efficiently. Setting up and breaking down really adds to the labor involved in shooting cooking videos. I want to do more creating and less set-ups and breakdowns. That means I’ll have more content for you!

I am currently looking for a partnership for major kitchen appliances. In exchange for those being provided, I will be glad to name the kitchen something like “The Brand X Kitchen” and link back to the partner in captions, descriptions, and my websites in EVERY video shot in the kitchen studio. It’s an ongoing product placement opportunity that isn’t just a one-and-done kind of thing. The kitchen is under construction now and will be for a few months. If there is a manufacturer or other company that is interested in this opportunity, reach out to me at partnership@chefdavepalmer.com to discuss a partnership with me.